Monday, September 28, 2009

Apologies for the slim pickings here at this blog

The blog is unofficially in limbo, as I step away from geography and cemetery matters for a math class that is required for my GIS certification. If you are interested in following my adventures in Discrete Math, please head to "1-1 does not equal zero," my math-class blog.

Decision near on Fall River cemetery

Officials in Fall River, Mass., should decide soon on whether to take over a historic cemetery that has been "orphaned" in recent years.

Provincetown, Mass., cemetery nears capacity

The supervisor of Provincetown's cemetery on the tip of Cape Cod reports that the cemetery is near capacity and that it will be eight months to a year before the new portion is ready for burials.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Making a Texas cemetery a local amenity

People in San Angelo, Texas, are working to make its Fairmount Cemetery a more attractive park - yes, park - for its residents to use. Plans include a gazebo as an information station, landscaping, statuary and other additions/alterations that will attract the community. Funding is expected from public and private sources. The mayor says the plan is too late to be inserted into the current budget, but indicates he likes the plan.
Let's hope it doesn't fade away in the interim. This plan sounds like a good idea.

New take on cemeteries in the down economy

The Los Angeles Times writes about the economic struggles cemeteries face. This focuses largely on preserving the statuary of such historic sites at Green-Wood in Brooklyn, N.Y., but touches on other economic concerns, as well.

New CEO at Philadelphia's Laurel Hill Cemetery

Here's a profile on the incoming CEO of Philadelphia's renowned Laurel Hill Cemetery.
A developer in Miami, Florida, has changed plans for an affordable housing project in the wake of discovering a long-forgotten black cemetery. Here is an earlier report from this blog.