Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Texas legislature makes changes to cemetery law

This is from the Austin American-Statesman. The article cites a number of measures passed by lawmakers, including this:
On the grave end of the cradle-to-grave spectrum, lawmakers OK'd HB 2927,
which awaits [Gov. Rick] Perry's review.
The measure was sparked by concerns raised when
a Texas Ranger Museum expansion project in Waco could have caused disturbance at
an adjacent historical cemetery. A legislative review concluded that state
cemetery laws needed an overhaul.
The review led to the bill, which, among
other things, clarifies state jurisdiction over cemeteries and mandates a "good
faith effort to locate and remove all human remains, any casket or other
covering of the remains and any funerary objects associated with the remains"
whenever a burial site is disturbed

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Anonymous said...

The article missed the point with the statement that the project "...could have caused disturbance at
an adjacent historical cemetery." The project has and is causing extensive damage to Waco's first public cemetery. The project isn't adjacent to the cemetery, it's IN the cemetery. For details see www.firststreetcemetery.org