Friday, January 6, 2012

N.J. cops probe theft of metal from cemetery

Police in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, are investigating the theft of precious metals from cemetery displays.
I've written before about the fact that such thievery is a negative externality; specifically, already strapped law-enforcement and judicial resources are forced to be stretched even further to investigate and adjudicate these crimes.
Resolved for 2012: to explore how such increased negative externalities might, in fact, help boost the cause for green cemeteries. Given how squeamish some folks seem to be regarding natural burial - despite that fact it was perfectly fine up until the last 150 years or so - perhaps part of the sales pitch should be that green cemeteries reduce crime.
Photo credit: Jose F. Moreno/Courier-Post

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Loria Schleiff said...

Police should deploy more security to the cemetery since stealing from coffins mean a grave disrespect of the dead. While the issue of a green cemetery has been debated, perhaps they should tackle how coffins and tombstones should be protected from thieves first.