Thursday, August 23, 2012

California dreamin': New cemetery possible in Malibu

As officials in Malibu ponder what to do to preserve open space in their community, some people think that a so-called green, or environmental, cemetery must be just the ticket. Spearheading the idea is Pepperdine University official Dennis Torres, who told the Malibu Surfside News he first proposed a cemetery for the space about 20 years ago and "was laughed at." Pepperdine owns some of the land in question, according to this news report. Reported the website:
Two town hall sessions have been held so far. The panel was formed just months ago. Ad hoc committee member [Laura] Rosenthal [who is also the mayor] said, at the outset of the meetings, "Preserving vacant land zoned for commercial use is one way to ensure that Malibu retains its rural landscape. We look forward to productive meeting[s] filled with great ideas."

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